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    DriveHUD 2 Beta Update – v2.0.9.8485:

    Added auto switch HUD based on number of players at table
    Added stat definitions and formulas for tooltips
    Updated 2/3/4/5/C-bet with short easier to type 2/3/4/5/CBet
    Changed ‘Export Hands for 3rd party apps’ to ‘Export to 3rd party app’
    Show sample size in BB ranges
    Added indicator at the bottom of the replayer to show which hand is currently active
    Added new column option BB won for the dashboard/R&D/live play hand grids
    Added session graph to live play report and ability to tag hands on there
    Added an option to switch actual HUD between historical/session/today stat data
    Added new stats:
    Hands per hour
    3Bet AA%
    5Bet AA%
    Bet All-in on Flop in 3Bet pot
    Call Delayed Turn CBet and Fold to River Bet%
    Call Donk Bet vs Raise%
    Called Flop CBet in 3BP IP%
    Called Turn CBet in 3BP IP%
    Check-Call Flop as PFR%
    Check-Call River as PFR%
    Check-Call Turn as PFR%
    Check-Raise River as PFR%
    Check-Raise Turn as PFR%
    Check/Call Flop and Fold Turn in 3BP%
    Check/Call Flop and Fold Turn in SRP%
    Check/Call Flop then Check/Call Turn then Check/Fold River as PFR%
    Check/Call Flop then Check/Fold Turn as PFR%
    Check/Call Turn in 3BP OOP%
    Check/Fold River as PFR%
    Check/Fold Turn in 3BP%
    Check/Raise Flop & Give Up%
    Check/Raise Turn in 3BP OOP%
    Delayed CBet IP and Bet River%
    Delayed CBet OOP and Bet River
    Delayed Turn CBet and Bet River%
    Double Barrel OOP vs Missed CBet%
    Flop Donk Bet MW%
    Fold to River Bet
    Fold to River CBet IP%
    Fold to River CBet OOP%
    Fold vs Re-steal%
    Fold to Stab Turn SRP
    Raise IP & Give UP%
    Raise Turn CBet in 3BP IP%
    Re-raise Donk Bet vs Raise%
    Skip CBet & Check/Call OOP in 3BP%
    Skip CBet & Check/Call OOP then Fold Turn in 3BP%
    Skip CBet and Call River IP%
    Skip CBet and Call Turn IP%
    Skip Flop CBet & Check/Call OOP%
    Skip River CBet & Check/Call OOP%
    Skip Turn CBet & Check/Call OOP%
    Turn Check-Call%
    Won at SD when RR River%

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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