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    DriveHUD 2 Beta Update – v2.0.2.7193:

    Added an ability to configure 4-stats box where it can set up to 8 stats
    Added possibility to apply same color option for all selected stats in HUD designer
    Added HUD designer option that allows to copy an existing color range that is made in the HUD then paste it into another stat
    When font colors are changed in HUD designer pop-up but not applied and then pop-up is re-opened (without changing stat), last colors are shown instead of current font colors
    If one BB range is configured then show that stat for the range and not the overall stat
    Fixed an issue where hands weren’t captured on Nox Player or higher (Asian Hand Converter)
    Show warning message if unsupported version of emulator is detected
    Fixed an issue where hands couldn’t be deleted in some cases
    Fixed an issue where in some cases it was possible to import duplicate hands if the database was originally transferred from DriveHUD 1
    Remove duplicates from database on the 1st launch after this update (the process might take few minutes)
    Fixed an issue where PP hands weren’t imported if dead blind was posted
    Fixed issues in the stats rebuilding process
    Fixed crash in R&D
    Fixed an issue when DH couldn’t start if the report headers configuration file was corrupted
    Fixed an issue when the EveryGame tournament id wasn’t correctly parsed for some tournaments resulting in the HUD not being displayed for those tournaments


    Great work Jesse ! Thanks alot 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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