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    Hello ,

    I recently purchased DH2 and have a few questions regarding its usage and compatibility on mac .


    1. Is Dh2 supported on mac through parallels for M2 Mac’s ?

    2. If so , can i run DH2 on windows through parallels and the poker client on windows or will both DH2 and the poker client be needed to be run on parallels ?

    3. In the above case , how much RAM do u recommend allocation to the virtual machine to support DH2 ?

    4. Also i understand DH2 can be used in upto 2 PCs . However i recently ran into issues on my newly purchased laptop and am getting a replacement . when i reinstall it on the replacement laptop , will it count as the first or second PC ?


    Thank You


    Yes, for both 1&2.

    3, For RAM allocation, I’d suggest around half your systems RAM.

    4, That would be the 2nd activation, you just need to reset your serial key to register on your new system

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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