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    Right now the only way to view every hand of a previous tournament is to click each hand individually and review it. This is extremely tedious. If you click the fast-forward arrow on the far right of the hand replayer it takes you to the last hand in the tournament. It’s possible I’ve missed the way to actually do this but after some googling and searching on the forums I’ve come across no way to do this pretty basic task.

    DH Support

    By default, if you click any hand in a tournament, it will play through all of the hands for that tournament. Maybe you have a BB filter set in your replayer (bottom right) and it’s skpping through hands. All of the hands in your tournament will show at the bottom of the replayer, color coded, so maybe try and click on the first one and then skip forward w/ no BB filter.


    Good morning,

    I’m a new user satisfied with the application. Though for what concerns the replayer, may i present two remarks :

    – to see the next hand, we have to click on the left arrow (a little contre intuitive), it seems that the hands are classified from the most recent to the latest whatever the order selected in the “date”column; no major issu when identified.

    – no possibility to have an automatic replay of the tournament; if you wish to see the entire turnament, you’ll need to click the move to eah hand; again, this is not a major issue but a box where the automatic move from an hand to another would be more comfortable.

    Thak you for the time taken to read these suggestions.

    Kind regards




    Thanks for the suggestion,

    For now, I suggest using the keyboard arrow keys, up and down keys to switch hand, forward and back to play the action on your replayer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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