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    1) XRay, and DH itself, is infinitely more valuable on networks like BetOnline instead of Ignition. The anonymous nature of the tables, the small sample sizes, and the lack of reliable information all make it more profitable to use this HUD with BetOnline or WPN.

    2) The notes on XRay need to become far more detailed and along the lines of NoteTracker for PT4…but better. More boards need to be shown, more detailed notes, even a marketplace where we can buy and sell custom notes. These are so extremely important and boost your winrate so much if used properly that really nothing can go overlooked in the long run.

    3) Table conditions need work. A lot of time you’re just corresponding them with VPIP/3bet and that really doesn’t accurately tell the entire story of a cash table. This needs to be more accurate, reliable, and detailed.

    4) Badges and player profile icons need to be more robust, detailed, and again – accurate. Just because I’ve only seen 3 orbits and I’ve been dealt fire from the deck doesn’t mean that I need a picture of an acorn next to my name lol. Same, and more importantly, goes for villain. Of course, these do come into focus more as the sample size on a player grows.

    All in all this is a phenomenal project and it just keeps getting better. The future looks bright so just keep taking advice like this from the community and I’m sure DriveHUD will reach it’s highest potential.

    DH Support

    1) Yes, agreed. Naturally the more info you have on your opponents, the more beneficial stats and notes becomes, and the more accurate they become. There’s still value on Ignition, but you have to know what kinds of stats to put together.

    2) You can add the board texture to any note. The great thing about x-ray is it’s fully customizable. You can create any kind of note you want, and you can export, import, sell, share, etc.. we will have a marketplace inside of DH for custom HUDs, notes, etc.. this has been on the development list from the very beginning.

    3) I’m not sure what you mean here honestly. Table conditions are accurate, but they are currently limited to typical stats – vpip, 3-bet, etc..

    4) Again, you can create any badge you want. We have several included, but you can customize and create your own as well. Not sure what you mean by accurate. I’ve not seen any that aren’t accurate.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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