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You just purchase using Jon’s link on his twitch page and and then contact us for the coupon code discount

1. Dynamic stats only apply to sites that allow them, but basically it will only display when it’s relevant to the action at the table.

2. If this option is checked then it will not display the stat in the HUD, and only in the designer.

3. Checkbox that when enabled shows only data for opponent based on whether they are IP or OOP (show stats related only to that position). – does not apply to all stats and will not be enabled if it’s not applicable to that stat.

4. Correct- these are set in the color range. If you click on a stat in the HUD and click color range, it will display the range shown for each color.


As far your color question, you need to set the remaining ranges 10 – 100 w/ the same color if you’re only using two ranges.


And thanks for the kind words. If you need any help just let us know