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I’ve had this same discussion with their support team several times and they always give that same answer. The request they misunderstand is for the HUD to be able to filter for stats based on the number of players in a hand. DriveHUD can’t do that as of yet. DriveHUD can only currently filter by the actual table size so that all of the hands played at a particular table size is included in the HUD stats you see on opponents. So if you play a lot of HU hands at a 9max table then the stats of you and your opponent are going to look way too loose when the table fills up and give you the wrong idea. This is especially true when it comes to the the BTN and BB specific stats, but also with several of the more general stats. The other position specific stats will still be fine. The difference between somebody opening the BTN 80% vs 40% of the time and the BB defending stats vs that is going to make several stats unreliable if you’re looking at the stats of somebody who regularly starts tables at 6max, 9max and other sizes of tables.