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I have the holdem pro edition of DriveHUD and have registered for the Player XRay trial as of yesterday. Thus far, I love it. Let me ask: What am I going to get if I purchase it for $15/mo. that I’m not getting in the free trial? Also, rather than create a new thread: As said, I have the Holdem Pro version of DH. Will I have to purchase this annually or do I own the product “lifetime”? I see $9.99 for “each additional year” but I’m not sure if this is up to date, nor am I sure of when I’ll have to renew. I don’t remember the original purchase date. Thanks

The trial is fully functional, so the only difference with the registered version is that you’ll be able to continue to use it.

As far as drivehud renewal, your initial purchase includes a 1 year license. Each additional year is $9.99 and all of this includes all updates, new features, etc… and supports continued development.

You can login to your account at any time and view what you purchased, when you did, and your license info from the customer portal (located on the support page). The link is here below: