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Every 10-Max table I play at BetOnline has HUD aligned incorrectly. When a new table is opened HUD does not align to player’s seated position. Instead the HUD looks much too compact and too far to the left. When I attempt to drag a player’s HUD stats and drop them to a more correct position, I am able to drag and drop stats slightly, but if dragged over to the right too far the stats snap back to their previous position. It seems like the HUD doesn’t fit on my standard table on BetOnline which is too bad. Unfortunately the current positioning is so far to the left is makes it unplayable.

So if the HUD goes off table too much on BOL drivehud re-adjusts it. We’re literally working on this right now. In fact developers just pushed a new build as I’m typing that is supposed to be addressing this. So we’ll be testing it today and hopefully it addresses any of these concerns.

Thanks for the input! I’ll pots in here and let you know if it’s good when we’re done testing.