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A lot of gamers ask if using a poker HUD is cheating. The simple answer is no because it is a tool that helps in understanding the opponent’s moves and strategies. You might agree that a poker game is all about information. These tools help you to acquire extra information using which you can perform better. X-poker HUD is one similar tool that allows more control over the game by providing basic information.

X-poker is a child company of Funnygames, released in 2020. The company claims to have the top programmers and poker enthusiasts working behind the game, and it works on the same club-based business model, just like other apps.

X-Poker HUD | Configuration

The most important part in retrieving the required information is the correct configuration of the HUD. The retrieved information is useless if you do not know how to utilize that information. This article will guide you about some basic HUD stats and how understanding these help you gain more control over the game. If you are a newbie and looking for some more information or tools to start with, visit DriveHUD. You will find tons of options, the latest articles, and tutorial videos on different poker apps and tools.

We will try to keep it as simple as possible and will discuss only the basic stats that are common among many HUDs.

X-Poker HUD Stats – Basic Information


VPIP is considered one of the most beneficial stats. It gives information about the money opponents put into the pot. Most players color code VPIP to know if a player is playing too many hands or a few hands. You can get an idea of the opponents playing style.


The PFR and VPIP work side by side. PFR displays the opponent’s information about the preflop raising.  Always consider the values with VPIP. For example, a 15% PFR is high, but there is a huge difference in player type with the values 17/15 and 72/15.

AF (Aggression Factor) and AFq (Aggression Frequency):

These stats on the X-Poker HUD show how aggressive a player is, the higher the number, the more aggressive opponent is. The numbers are displayed in ratios that compare the aggressive actions to passive actions. So an AF of 6 means that the opponent has taken aggressive action 6 times, to a single passive action. The AFq shows the percentage. The formulas for these stats can vary slightly among the software but the basic idea is the same.

ATS (Attempt to steal)

ATS is an indication of a poker player trying to steal the blinds. The x-poker HUD ATS gives you an idea about the competitor’s positional awareness, which is important to know. It also helps in building a player’s 3b range.


The 3B shows us the player 3 bets preflop. It helps in framing the rivals’ range and frequency if they 3B and also helps in exploiting the opponent. Please remember to check the positional values on 3B’s, as most players feel trouble understanding the high re-steal percentages.


Hands are another critical number you should consider while playing. Many players carefully consider sample size. Suppose you have 500 hands-on someone, you might likely assume their stats are genuine compared to one having just 30 hands.