Using DriveHUD’s Poker Tracking Software To Your Full Advantage

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DriveHUD has now brought to the table the ultimate poker tracker Heads Up Display (HUD), that keeps track of all the hands played and strategies which you are entitled to use freely whenever you’re up against other players to increase your chances of winning. The poker stats tracker includes 3bet%, PFR%, AG, and VPIP%. And heads up DriveHUD’s come up with a fully customizable series of options that allows you to do and see whatever you would like on your HUD.

Why must you use a Poker Tracking Software HUD?

Our poker tracking HUD is a must have on every device for every passionate online poker player. This would not only take you from being a fish to a shark but also suggests you better ways to overcome players and stay at the top.

What can you do using the HUD?

Playing well without using a HUD? Good, but a HUD makes a lot of difference in the win rate. The statistics displayed during the game will help you to call in bluffs effectively, win over more pots, bet a stake or get aggressive when it is really required. Well, it is quite natural to get tense when you risk your hard earned money on the table where anything is possible in the hope of winning more. But the chances of you winning would only get better with DriveHUD’s poker tracking software.

The reality of studying the mind of a player without them being present!

While you play multiple tables, the poker tracking HUD serves as a loyal informer. You can play on another table, whilst getting into the opponent’s mind and getting a clear picture of what their next move is going to be. This can also allow you to have a clear idea of when to get aggressive and when to be submissive.

Another advantage of using HUD is that if you’re stuck in a bad pot the software would help you get out of it at the right time. The opponents hand range that is displayed on the screen also offers you a deep insight of their strength. You can also play each of your opponents without getting distracted and once you get used to the software, it becomes easier to read the stats on the screen promptly and plan your next move instantly. This would reduce the time you spend on each table and would fill up those pocket with extra bucks for the week.