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DriveHUD is a poker hud and database application that is very much like pokertracker, but better. DriveHUD is a poker tracking application that works with most U.S. facing poker sites, that pokertracker 4 doesn’t support. Sites such as bovada, Ignition, Bodog, Betonline, sportsbetting. It also work with most other major poker sites like Pokerstars, America Card Room, ipoker sites, and so on.

pokertracker   VS.  poker tracking

Top 5 reasons we think DriveHUD is better than pokertracker 4:

  1. It’s way easier to use. Everything on DriveHUD is much more user friendly and drag and drop.
  2. The interface is more intuitive, less overwhelming, and much nicer to look at.
  3. Designing a new poker hud from scratch is much much easier in DriveHUD compared to pokertracker. Try and make some pop-up windows in a HUD for pokertracker. It’s not that easy.
  4. Much easier for post analysis review. With one click you can see all of your most important hands you played in a session, qued up in the hand re-player. Then with one more click you can run equity calculations and analysis. Everything is ready to go without any secondary applications.
  5. Easier report creation. You want any stat in your report, just click on a report header, check the one you want. It’s really that simple.


Both poker software applications are good products. DriveHUD is a the next generation of poker HUD’s and tools that was designed by actual top pros to make the user experience as fluid and as easy as possible.