Online poker world has been drastically transformed thanks to the best poker HUD or software. There are many successful players that have turned to online poker instead of going to casinos. One, there aren’t any crowds and distractions to divert their focus and they can play peacefully in solitude. Two, the can use poker software to keep track of all the moves they themselves are making as well as their opponents are making.

Best Poker HUD

A poker HUD or Heads Up Display collects all the stats from your online poker game. So what makes a HUD the best poker HUD? A question that requires a comprehensive answer because there is no one thing that makes HUD good or bad for that matter.


The first and foremost quality that players appreciate in a HUD is the compatibility the offer, with their computers and the online poker playing websites. Some poker software are made for only certain websites, so if you are a player that likes to visit different online poker haunts then you will like a HUD that is compatible with all of them.

Software’s computer compatibility is often overlooked but significant quality. You need a HUD that will run smoothly on your computer and not stall on any crucial moments because that could result in significant losses for you.

best poker HUD

Custom Display

The user interface of the HUD is of high importance. You don’t want to get stuck with a software that is difficult to setup and navigate through. The operating process for the HUD should be simple and seamless. The graphics of the HUD also plays a role in its desirability. The more pleasing it is and gives the feel of a real casino, the more players will be inclined to use it. The best poker hud will always allow for full customization.


Now we come to the part where the real judgment of poker HUDs takes place; the features that the HUD includes. Most free HUDs will collect basic information like the hands you and your opponent have played and nothing more than that. But we talk about the best custom Poker Heads up display, it has to be a software that collects all the stats that can help you improve your efficiency.

The main reason a player requires a HUD is because they are looking for input that can help them strategize a winning poker winning game. For this purpose, the essential stats that you need are VPIP which tells you about the amount a player is putting in the pot. A low VPIP means that a player is being very selective about the hands he is playing and vice versa.

PFR stat tells how often the user raises, uses 3bets, etc. A high PFR can indicate that a player is aggressive in playing his hands. There are also AF, ATS, 3bet, Folds, Hands and many other stats that a good HUD should include to offer the maximum advantage to the player.

Now that you have an idea about the qualities that are present in the best HUDs, it should be easy for you to choose one that can help you make more of a profit in the online poker world. So don’t stick with inefficient software, select one that is the best.