Poker Winnings Tracker: Why Use It?

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Poker winnings trackerPoker Winnings Tracker: Why Use It?

The days of playing poker in the Wild West with Wild Bill or Calamity Jane are no longer in the play. You can be certain that your competition is going to be armed with their lethal weapons, and they are unquestionably going to have their own poker software are hand. You can be sure that they will be using these poker winnings tracker software. Having the power of a good HUD and poker tracking database, while you play online cash or tournaments, is not to be misjudged.
It is not the matter of playing poker for a living or to see the return on the time you invested at the tables, you need to use a poker winnings tracker software. Therefore, if you have no interest whatsoever in your performance and are more than happy to throw your money at the opponents, then you should stop reading now!
Poker winnings tracker is an optimal solution that helps you in maximizing your edge in the world of poker and get instantaneous value for your money.
Even the most honest and able poker player has the tendency to distort the results of their poker sessions. It is a fact that majority of the poker players do not have a physical poker bankroll – the money that is only used for poker. Without the stats, you can easily lose track of how you are doing on the poker table.

 Reasons for Having a Poker Winnings Tracker

1. Measure it Before You Change it

This is much like losing weight, literally having no idea where you should be starting from. You need to weigh in all the facts. With a poker tracking software, you can use various in-depth methods for the quantification of the measurement of your performance. This allows you to understand your strengths and address your weaknesses.

2. You Get the Results You Need

A poker tracking software is all about the brain, no heart involved. Hence, all the feedback that you get is truly unbiased. The factors like all-in-stats, adjusted expected value, various hands dealt to you over a sample, are all performed quickly.

3. Filters for Your Situations

Poker trackers help you in finding the situations where you are constantly losing money.

4. Marks Hands During Play

If you are losing control over a play, you won’t have to waste your time analyzing it or take notes. Poker winnings tracker easily gives you the time to review your hand, by reflecting on it later.

5. Understanding the Competition

You can mark your opponent for review and find out their strengths, weaknesses and all in all win more money in the end.

6. More Notes

Notes are important in poker tracking. You can take notes during your poker study time and have them available during the play.

7. Extra Information

You can rack up extra information about your opponents, and find more winning scenarios for yourself. This means that you have an upper hand with your opponents in most of the situations.

8. Your Real Image on the Table

There certainly comes a time when you get too egocentric on the table and believe yourself to be on fire. But a poker tracker helps you see where you really stand. You HUD stats can never lie, and numbers surely don’t lie.

9. Great investment

Acquiring a poker tracker shows your seriousness towards investing in yourself. And investing in yourself is not a loss in any way!

There you have it; you have all the reasons as to why you should keep a poker tracker or a HUD with you. Moreover, the reasons are plenty enough, so no more excuses. All you need to do now is find a good poker tracker, figure out how to use it and you are good to go. Take it easy, you will definitely get the result with your poker winnings tracking.



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