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Poker Tournament Tracker – What Features To Look For?

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  3. Poker Tournament Tracker – What Features To Look For?

Poker Tournament Tracker – What Features To Look For?

Anyone who plays poker often enough should keep a record of every session. Building a results database helps you understand and analyze the game. It also determines where you make money and which game aspect earns you more profit. Most professional poker players insist on playing more and more. Doing so, not only helps in learning but also makes you confident in your decisions. There are many poker tournaments and it has become impossible to memorize and keep a manual record of them. That’s where a Poker tournament tracker comes in. It helps you track all the poker events, and keeps a record of different game statistics.

How does it work?

A tournament tracker is basically a software that comes with different tools to help players at the tables and updates them about different types of data like player profiles, results, chip counts, etc. This software keeps you informed about satellites, land-based events, cash games, sit and go’s, and other well-known poker tournaments.

Poker tournament tracker

Tournament tracker Features

Thousands of tracker apps claim to be the best poker tournament tracker, but most of these apps are bombarded with ads and bloatware. These fraudulent programs have made it hard to find a legitimate and credible tracker. We strongly suggest choosing a tracker that provides credible and up-to-date statistics with maximum privacy. We have mentioned some features that might help you choose the best tracker.

Event Tracking

A tournament tracker should allow you to track any tournaments and poker events easily. There are different apps for online tournament tracking and offline tracking. Offline tracking is simple because it has fixed dates and schedules which are predetermined. Most online tournament trackers have built-in features like an opponent’s profile overview, positions, strong points, weak points, stakes, and sessions.

Data Analysis

Decisions based on statistics are more effective and profitable. A tournament tracker makes the data analysis much easier by displaying it in ratios, percentages, and graphs. It also shows different trends and exploits the opponent’s weak points. The tournament tracker also tells you what kind of hands you are winning or losing your preflop actions, and various other statistics. Analyzing the data carefully helps craft a winning strategy.


The most amazing feature of the tournament tracker is learning. You learn each time you explore this tool. The fundamental purpose of analyzing and collecting data dies if it does not improves your overall game performance. The more information you have, the more you will learn. A good tracker should cover almost every aspect of the game. Poker tracker highlights your weaknesses which enables you to learn from your mistakes and from your opponent’s mistakes as well.

Updates and Compatibility

Many players overlook this feature and find themselves in trouble after the installation and usage of the tracker. Updates bring developments to the tracker, and some trackers even update while you play. An updated poker tournament tracker has more credible statistics that lead your way to a better and sensible strategy.

If your tracker is not compatible with a platform of your choice, it is of no use. Always make sure the tracker of your choice has compatibility with most websites and different poker platforms.