Poker Player Tracker Keeps Your Opponents ‘Closer’

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A timeless saying, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ very much applies to the world of online Poker. Well, your opponents are not your enemies in any way, but keeping a close eye on them with help of a Poker player tracker helps you in more than one ways as a poker player. For a poker player, one of the most important things is knowing about the opponent; and the player trackers help the player in knowing the important statistics about the opponent.

This article elaborates how a player tracking tool can assist you in playing better and making the right decisions in short time.

The Risks of Running Into An Unknown Player

If you run blindly and set a game with an unknown player, you double the risks associated with the game; as simple as that. With the help of a player tracking tool, you can get information such as stats, recent games, winning percentage, etc. and take decision accordingly. Making a strategy based on the available information helps you get the results in your favor. Thus, the player trackers are an indispensable tool nowadays to ensure that the game is in your grip all the time.

Many a times, you encounter players who are not very much skilled, but if you don’t know about his ability beforehand, you may end up overestimating the opponent’s ability and make yourself nervous.  So, tracking the players’ performance helps you in putting the right amount of effort according to the quality of the opponent.

Now as we have established the importance of Player Tracking apps, let’s get to know about how player trackers work and what features they come with.

Poker Player Tracker Features

poker player trackerPoker tracking tools contain all the information you need about your opponents.  Moreover, the information is sorted out in such a way that you can filter out the most relevant information without much hassle. You can search for any player and retrieve information such as rankings, limit, entrants’ number, buy in, etc.

Much depends on the quality of the poker player tracker you are using. Some come with just a few basic features; and honestly, they are more a burden on you then facilitating you in any way. More reliable trackers are feature-rich and can be customized according to your requirements. Some trackers have a dedicated profile page for the users where they can add their personal information such as identity details, a detailed biography, photo, and other such information.

When more and more poker players add their personal information on the player tracker, a directly is generated and players get to know more about each other and a community is established where players can interact with one another and share their views, knowledge, and seek information from another.

Poker player tracker not only tracks the performance of your opponents but also your own performance. You can get your own stats in the form of visually appealing graphs which you can share on different platforms and forums. The good thing about those graphs is that they are updated automatically as you expand your poker career over time.


In order to be on the top of the game, you need to have player tracking tool that assists you in knowing about your opponents. Once you have all the information you need, you will find it easier to compete with the others.



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