Poker HUDs and Old Days of Poker

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In the modern age of poker HUDs, is playing poker easier than it was in the good ole days, say the 90s? If you have been playing poker for all that time, you would probably have an idea about it. But for those who don’t one thing is always certain, poker requires knowledge, skill and all the help players can get in every hand played.

Poker HUDs provide the stats and information that players need to play poker online. A HUD can be integrated into any website that you go to play on and make life easier on the players. The players in the 90s didn’t have that luxury. People had to go and wait by casinos to play a hand on the tables. There was a huge learning curve for players, as they had to learn all the twists and turns on the go.

Poker HUDs

Poker HUDs and Books

Back in the day, if you had to learn to play poker you would have to read books on the topic. The players had to dedicate hours of their time to learn about the rules and techniques of poker. When players improved enough they could finally go to the tables and learn a few more lessons at the cost of precious dollars.

Today, all players have to do is learn about the rules of poker and join a poker room that is suitable for their skill. They can have a HUD installed on their computer to give them all the information they need about their opponents. Imagine how much work poker HUDs have eliminated from the process. This is the reason why more and more players are now joining online poker rooms.

Skill Required

The amount of skill required in winning a poker hand has, however, remained the same. Yes, the poker software can make some things simpler, but they cannot aid you in your decision. When to fold, when to call, etc. you still have to make those decision based on skill and instinct. It was the same in the 90s as well. Players relied on observations and tells to predict which move would be ideal to win the particular hand. Obviously, one cannot observe opponents in online poker. That is why HUDs are used, so instead of observations, players can use the stats to learn about the playing behavior of their rivals.

The Risks

The stark difference in playing poker 3 decades ago and today is the amount of risk that players had to take. If players didn’t have knowledge about poker, they would have to enter games and lose a lot of money to develop their skill. Today a teenager can learn to play advanced level poker without having to spend a dime.

It is simple enough to see that it is easier to play and win at poker today than it was 30 years ago, thanks to tools like poker software and HUDs. In the 80s and 90s, you had to go through the gauntlet before you could see some winnings. Now you can go to a popular online poker room and start winning in no time at all.