The talk of party poker in town has finally brought you here. After hearing everything about this game, you ultimately want to test your luck. Don’t worry, you are at the right place, just tighten your seat belts and read closely. You’ll learn everything about party poker setup here!

Getting bored then just pick your favorite gadget and start playing, boredom will never touch you again! This ring game is one of the few best games where not only you can play online but you can also download it, party poker (yeah yeah, it is okay, you can thank me later).


To bring it into action you need to make a party poker setup, you’ll have to download, install and configure party poker. The configuration of party poker is an important step because this is how you save your hand histories to a designated file.

Now, click on the download link. “Welcome to party poker set-up” window should appear.  Select language. Also, make sure that hand histories are stored locally and then save the settings. Saving of hand histories also needs a setup to connect it to HUD.

Hand history setup

After saving location for hand records you have to set same things in setup on DriveHUD. After start-up, this is how when you are playing by one click all your track record information pops on the screen automatically. After startup DriveHUD auto-detects your hand history file location, but to make sure it is done correctly do the following;

  • In DriveHUD, click on settings
  • Then site settings, in setting windows
  • From drop-down menu, select PartyPoker
  • Click, apply.


If you are an experienced player any seat on the table is good for you, but for a newbie playing he might want to choose his seat wisely. A newbie should not sit at third base because then anchor player gets the most time to re-adjust his playing strategy, which of course makes his strategy flawless because he acts last.  It is better for a newbie to take a seat somewhere at the center of the table.

So yeah, sometimes it is completely meaningless on fighting over a seat but the other times it can be extremely useful for you! So if you want to have a preferred seat at the table, you can do some work to achieve this!

  • Go to options > click advanced > table options, from the PartyPoker lobby.
  • Enable the “use preferred seating” from the checkbox.
  • Select the table types.
  • For each table selected, click the seat you prefer for different tables and then save the changes which you made.

But remember, once you are done with the party poker lobby you need to make the same changes in DriveHUD (select same seats here too).  For this you need to;

  • Go to settings in DriveHUD, present on the top right corner of your screens.
  • Setting window will pop-up, now click on site settings, here click on poker site from the drop down menu.
  • Click on your desired seat.

Back to language

Select the English language, if it is configured in any other language DriveHUD will not function properly. Now what we need you to do is; un-installing! Uninstall DriveHUD and try re-installing it in the English language.

Follow the steps, sit back and enjoy your game!