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As you were told in the previous articles, party poker was the largest online card game until 2006 when due to some unfortunate events it had to be taken off the market! Because of the Act of 2006 imposed by Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement, the game, including the Party Poker NJ, was declared less reliable. Because of which it had to suffer a great deal, BILLIONS ACTUALLY!

Just imagine their agony; from being number one in early years of online poker rising, they came crashing down to the floor! Not only this, but they also saw their inferiors, rising to the top while they sat back watching everything happen in front of their eyes!

But wait, the Phoenix did rise from the ashes. In 2014, party poker returned; oh no do not smile just yet! Because still, it does not accept players from the United States except for the state of New Jersey. So this is how the Party Poker New Jersey came.

Party poker NJ

Party Poker New Jersey

Faking the location

Since these many past years, people are being unable to play this game in many areas. This cajoled them into faking the location, which made them surpass the geographical ban. But it cannot be achieved easily plus it is a bad decision too! Firstly, you will have to face the obstruction of creating international contact information.

This might be easier, but after all the winnings how will you collect all your money from a hypothetical address or how will you receive your bank transfer when you don’t have any bank account, internationally? Neither can you use your electronic transactions here!

Party Poker New Jersey

After all the drama, when Party Poker returned it started an online poker site with the help of Borgata Casino. The site serves the New Jersey players only!  The site signed several propositions which made them market their brand.

They, however, are progressing slowly because they still have not made any move to promote their brand to the other markets. Quietly waiting for that right moment, as it seems!

Plus points

Party Poker New Jersey is ravishingly offering up to thousand dollar match bonus for new players and it also clears the quickest. It has the best selection of games as it shares the same party pool as Borgata.


You can play party Poker New Jersey on any device.

  • Laptops, desktop computers.
  • iPad, iPhone.
  • Android tablet, android phones.

New Jersey has four online poker rooms. Firstly WSOP NJ, World Series of poker is a series of poker tournament that is held every year in Las Vegas since 2005 but its origins are from the 1970s. This is offered online on NJ. Second being Borgata Poker.  Party Poker NJ comes in the list on number three.

They offer you a number of things including cash games, first hand, and tournaments for all kind of players. And players can also luxuriously enjoy Blackjack and roulette offered on the website. Party poker NJ is playing quite safely now, it is licensed by the state of New Jersey. The game offers you four level loyalty program (bronze, silver, gold and palladium members) as your level goes up, so does your reward.