Keep Track Of All Your Stats With DriveHUD’s Poker Tracker!

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Drivehud’s poker tracker software is bound to help you “ACE” your poker game without having to spend years trying to perfect your game. This is a tracker designed to act as a poker stats software, that would combine all the right data, such as noticing tells, calculating odds, finding the best table to play at, or even finding the weaknesses of yourself and other players with fully customizable features to keep you coming back for more.

The poker HUD (heads up display) has been programmed to pop up and attach itself to your online poker client, to act as vital poker stats software that displays information and statistics on the opponents at your table. Drivehud’s poker tracker HUD helps you improve your decision-making ability and gives you better reads on players.

Let me share an example with you to make it easier for you to understand. The HUD would allow you to instantly deduce the weak players from the pros by looking at their previous win-rate statistics and ROI% (return on investment). This is actually useful in the table selection because the more fish sitting at your table the higher profits you are bound to earn.

What else can the poker HUD do?

In exact terms, the HUD displays a cluster of statistics that would help you in judging a player’s game and style. The poker stats software displays statistics such as the:

• VPIP% (voluntarily put money in pot)
• It breaks down whether a player is a LAG or TAG.
• It also allows you to be able to fully customize the only setup that you choose is most relevant to be displayed.
• Hand re-players

DriveHUD’s poker tracker also allows you to run through entire MTT (multi-table tournaments) and identify spots where you made a poor shoving decision or didn’t call a deep stack’s all-in. Additionally, it also maintains a track record of your game, how much profit you are generating and lets you compare in between their various playing intervals such as from last year and this year or today and yesterday.

If you’re looking forward to getting serious about making money in online poker. DriveHUD’s poker tracker would help take off most of the focus you would actually need on each table, and as a poker stats software, it covers up to all the gaps. The overall motive for DriveHUD’s poker tracker HUD is to locate leakages within your games and help you move up the table stakes and start making some serious profits online giving you an edge over all your opponents.