Is PokerHUD really useful?

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There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not pokerhud is a useful tool to increase gains in an online poker game. While the opinion varies from on person to anther based on experiences, I’m going to give a simple take on the whole idea of pokerhud.

HUD stands for heads-up display and they come in a number of variations like single panel huds, double and triple panel huds, various color schemes, font sizes, stat color code systems, etc.

The most important part about hud is to understand the fact that it is completely a personal choice. One person might like a specific hud and works well for him while the same would be of no use to some other player.


At the same time, the configuration of hud is equally important. Like I mentioned earlier, hud is a personal choice and it needs to be picked carefully and after testing various scenarios. Ultimately, hud is supposed to be useful and get you more gains.

Reasons why pokerhud is useful

Some people who have been lucky enough to pick the right hud would say that pokerhud is straightaway a useful tool while others seem to struggle a bit while they complete the exploration curve until they get their hands on the best fit. Here are some reasons why it could be useful.


The first reason is that it gives you an in-depth overview and even details of important statistics about the online poker games. If you get hold of what each number means, you can get ready to do magic in no time.

Organizing the game

Playing the game is one thing but organizing it is a whole another. Hud not only gives statistics but it also helps you organize your game. Since the time is limited when you are playing online, hud comes to your rescue when managing the game against the ticking clock.

Adjust and learn

Another reason why hud is useful is the fact that you can always customize it and make it work the way you want it to work. A specific layout might not be well working for you in which case you will have to customize according to your needs. This means that while fine tuning your hud, you are learning to perfect your game and ultimately get the best out of your time on the table.


Hud evolves with your game. While you are taking on new opponents, you are making modifications to the layout and you end up with a configuration that is giving you the best out of the time and money investment you are making on a table. This is a big reason why you should always keep fine tuning until you find your sweet spot.

I am very much sure that you have now a generic overview of how huds work. The above-given reasons are why I think it is as useful as one makes it to leverage position on the table and come out as a winner.