hud poker software

HUD poker software explained

Poker HUDs are becoming a necessary tool in today’s online games. Whether you are a newbie to online poker, someone with lots of experience in live playing and wants to switch to the online game, or an amateur considering the game seriously, a HUD poker software is a must-have. It helps you manipulate the opponent, sketch a winning strategy, and also helps you in keeping track of your crucial game numbers.

A poker HUD is short for Head-up Display. It is an application that gathers an opponent’s statistics. The HUD displays different numbers and information about the opponent’s game history and how he has played in the past. Multiple panels display this information on the poker table.

How does it work?

Most poker websites keep a record of hand histories. These hands are available to the players for review. The HUD poker software gathers data from the hand histories and converts these numbers into percentages and displays them as you play. This information updates for every hand finish.

HUD poker software

Basic poker HUD statistics

Once you purchase a HUD, you will see hundreds of different statistics available in the software. It is not a good practice to display all the numbers as it will cause a distraction by filling the whole screen with numbers. Following are the basic and most common statistics that are pivotal to any game.

  • VPIP: it stands for Voluntary put $ in Pot, and is shown in percentage. It tells you how often a player puts money in the pot pre-flop.
  • PFR stands for Preflop Raise Percentage and tells you the percentage of how often a player raises before pre-flop.
  • AF means the Aggression factor and tells you about the opponent’s aggressive moves compared to his passive actions.
  • 3Bet: It tells you about the player’s re-raise.
  • Postflop: It displays information about the number of times a player bets the flop, turn, or river.

There are a lot of other numbers available, which you can choose based on your needs and game type. Select the numbers that will help you with better game management and instant decision-making.

Pros and cons of poker HUDs

A poker HUD definitely makes you a better player and maximizes your profits. Relying too much on a HUD is not a good idea as it is just software, not a real game. Now we will discuss some benefits and disadvantages of HUD poker software.


  • Helps you in exploiting opponents
  • Increases chances of winning
  • Improves potential for multi-tabling
  • Improves your game strategy by studying your game strategy


  • Decisions are being made completely on percentages
  • Too many numbers cause distraction
  • Players tend to rely too much on the HUD

Should you get a HUD?

If you enjoy playing poker and spend sufficient time playing poker, we recommend investing in a poker HUD. Most serious players have a HUD and are converting their investments into handsome profits. If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start, visit DriveHUD, where you will find different products, informational blogs, and poker HUD video tutorials.