How To Use Poker Tracker; A simple guide For Beginners

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New to the amazing world of online poker and wondering how to use poker tracker? Here are a few simple steps that will help you in understanding the proper use of poker tracker for better results. Even if you are not a newbie, you should read this article because it’s always good to remind over selves of the basics every now and again.

how to use poker tracker

Installing Poker Tracker

The first and foremost requirement, before knowing how to use poker tracker, is installing the application. Once you have the setup configured, you can start playing. This is easy and only takes a few minutes of understanding the basics, after which you can easily go on playing the game.

The Poker Tracker HUD

The poker tracker Hands up display (HUD) is the only option for starting the HUD. This is where you push the button for Getting Hands While Playing. The default display on the screen indicates that the HUD has been activated and is running properly. There will be two buttons at the top of the table once the HUD has been initiated. Clicking on the left button, the histories of all the hands will be displayed for your review.

The chip of the poker tracker on the right side has been added to enable a wide variety of options. This is where the HUD can be unlocked and the overall stats are displayed which can be changed as per your display and profile selection once you have efficiently learned how to use poker tracker.

Personalizing the Poker Tracker App

As soon as you stop importing hands, the HUD display will be stopped. You can personalize the tables and also change the active users by the simple settings provided in the app manual. This is extremely simple and can be done simply by clicking on the option of “change active player”. Selecting this option enables you to view the statistics of the active player on each of the tabs. Moreover, you can also view the stats of your opponents by simply importing the stats. Once the history has been important, you simply have to click on the “View Stats” button and you will find different tabs among which you can select.

More Options and Features

There is so much more to explore as each of the tabs provide you with various options on how to use poker tracker. You can choose to customize your tabs and statistics just by clicking the customize option. You can add, delete or modify any information at any given time by simply right clicking on the information and select the appropriate options.

One of the most interesting things is that Poker Tracker comes with an internal educational which not only keeps an eye on your stats but can also manage and compare it with that of others.

Final Verdict

To make things more clear, you could perhaps go for the tutorial videos which have been developed to help you learn how to use poker tracker. However, these are about 4 hours long and take up a considerable amount of your precious time and also require the smooth running of adobe flash. You can take your pick. Either go through the stepwise guidelines or learn from the tutorials present on the app site.