How To Play Party Poker Like A Pro!

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New to this world and trying to play party poker like a pro?  You have got two options. If you want to sit back and relax but at the same time you want to play, then just download the free software, you will be running your dream world within minutes! But if you are running low on laptop’s charging or going out somewhere then you would rather prefer it on your smartphones or tablets, just download the app and you will be ready to play.

Party poker is supported by these browsers; Chrome (17 and above), Safari (5.1 and above) and by Mozilla Firefox (14 and above) too. And it can be operated on Windows 8 (desktop mode), Windows (XP/ Vista/ 7), Mac (OS X 10.5 and above).

play party poker

play party poker


Don’t worry Play Party poker guide will tell you everything! As it used to be number one game in business, it definitely offered a great deal! It has a variety of games, that include;

  • Money games,
  • Cash games such as Texas hold’em and Omaha.
  • Fast forward,
  • Sit and go tournaments (single-table as well as multi-table)

Play Party Poker Like A Champ

We will not just leave you in middle of the sea! Here are some things that may make you win like a champion while you play party poker! So, pay close attention watch keenly and observe who is playing impatiently or who is betting hard or playing many hands together. Someone might be playing too quick (these are the ones who are playing tight), you need to play strong here, and only go against the players who are playing tight.

Poker is all about using your mind at the right time! So use your brains and play psychologically, the reins will soon be in your hands.  But while playing, never become smug. Try not to act too fast. Think about what your opponent has, see how betting is going, and then make your move wisely! In Texas hold’em (free limit) you can bet any amount, so if you have good cards in your hand act confident and back them with a quality bet!

Even if you are an expert, never forget the basics

Beginning with Texas hold’em, here you get your hole cards first. Followed by a round of betting.  The remaining players see a flop. Now, here comes another round of betting. Then you see a turn card, with another round of betting (YES I KNOW! Loads of betting but wait, there is more). River card, this is the final one. And now, a final round of betting. The hand with the best five cards, WINS!


If you know how to deal with your opponent, then this might be your favorite way of playing! You buy chips and get a seat at the table. You keep playing until your chips end, so stick tight to your chips! The one who ends up holding all the chips is the winner.

Freeze-out; in some tournaments when you lose all your chips, that is the end of your game. But in others, you can re-buy the chips. You may also add-on after a re-buy; everyone gets a chance to top up their chips.

Just follow the rules, and before making a move plan your tactics wisely!