Does PokerStars allow HUD?

Among all the poker sites that have taken some action regarding poker HUDs, PokerStars seems to be the platform that has done some proper research and come up with the most reasonable action related to it. Does PokerStars allow HUD? Yes, it does!

But it has looked deep into each tool and sorted out which software is a HUD and which software is not. After doing all the sorting, it has listed the HUDs that are allowed on its platform.  By the way, DriveHUD is one of the top poker HUDs allowed and recommended by PokerStars.

Standing out with a clearly defined policy regarding poker HUDs

Does PokerStars allow HUD?

One thing that PokerStars did right was not just jumping into the bandwagon of banning all kinds of HUDs. This shows how serious PokerStars is about maintaining a great user experience that involves the users of all experience levels.  Sites that have banned poker HUDs are experiencing a lack of interest from professional online poker players who are serious about their earning. On the other hand, PokerStars has been able to maintain the user interest intact by allowing high-quality HUDs.

Why PokerStars has prohibited some poker trackers?


In order to attract new players, the site has prohibited poker trackers that go ahead to an extent to tell the players what their next move should be. Such kinds of software clearly make the game one-sided. As new players and also those who are recreational players don’t know much about this software, they don’t use them. And when they face an opponent who uses a poker tracker, they lose in no time.  This in turn lowers their interest in the online poker site and they tend to ignore the site in the future.

Prohibiting excessive poker trackers allows newbies and recreational players to enjoy the gaming session and improves their chances of winning.  So when newbies ask the question does PokerStars allow HUD? They shouldn’t be worried about being beaten in the game all the time.

Features of PokerStars HUD policy

The PokerStars HUD policy has been developed by the company after years of study of the online game. They have also taken into account the opinion of game experts while designing this policy. The PokerStars HUD policy categorizes the poker software into three different categories.

1- HUDs that are allowed all the time.

In this category, those HUDs are included which provide basic game information such as live game stats and hand strength, etc.  PokerStars also allows HUDs that collect previous game information but that previous information should be acquired by the player’s own gameplay.

2- HUDS that are prohibited forever.

HUDs or any other poker tracking software that frees a player to take game decisions are prohibited on a permanent basis.

3- HUDs that are allowed partially.

PokerStars allows some software to be used while you are not playing. This is done to let to analyze your own game performance by revisiting your game stats. But you are not allowed to use such software while you are playing on PokerStars.


To sum it all up, the answer to the question “Does PokerStars allow HUD?” is, yes. But there are some conditions that you have to strictly follow.