Can you use a HUD on ignition?

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Can you use a HUD on ignition?


Ignition Casino is a famous poker platform best known for introducing anonymous poker tables. And that pretty much answers our question ‘can you use a HUD on ignition?’ The short and simple answer to our question is:

Can you use a HUD on ignition

No, you cannot use a poker HUD on the Ignition casino.

Ignition Casino was the first poker site to ban the use of HUDs in online poker.  After buying and merging Bovada Poker, the Ignition Casino platform continued to maintain its strict policies regarding third-party software and tools.  However, that’s not the end of it. Poker HUDs have evolved a lot with time and with the help of a high-quality HUD like DriveHUD, you can still get a handful of useful information that you can use to boost your winning chances. Now the answer to the question (can you use a HUD on Ignition?) is somehow different.

How does Ignition Casino restrict Poker HUDs?


The idea of anonymous tables was first brought up by the Ignition platform. This was done to counter the use of third-party software tools such as poker HUDs that track the performance of players and provide an upper edge to those who use them.  With the help of anonymous tables, a poker HUD cannot track any player. Players are assigned numbers 1-9 and you don’t know who is on number 3 and whether their will be the same player on seat number 3 in the next match or not.

Can DriveHUD or other poker HUDs still help with Ignition?

As the tables are all anonymous, you don’t have any access to the game history of your opponents. But HUDs that track the real-time playing sessions can still work. Real-time moves and game preferences can be tracked using a reliable HUD such as DriveHUD and you can get some important stats such as VPIP, FC, PFR, and 3B%.

Although the sample size is very small, you still get some important insights into how your opponents make their moves.  We have talked a lot in previous articles about why you shouldn’t base your decisions based on poker HUD stats that are generated using a small sample size. But in a special case where you only have real-time stats,  you have to rely on them.  Moreover, since poker HUD stats only are a helping hand and not the only hope, you always have your experience and intuition by your side.

HUD recommendations for Ignition

DriveHUD, one of the best HUDs for cross-platform online poker is your best companion for Ignition Casino.  Although you will get basic statistics about your opponents based on a small sample size, you shouldn’t underestimate these numbers. These statistics help you in knowing your opponent in a jiffy. You know which player is playing loose and which one is a big shark pouncing on every opportunity.  The basic stats such as VPIP are enough to sort out a rookie/newbie from more experienced players.

Lastly, using a HUD on ignition will boost your focus on the game and will help you make better decisions; especially while playing multiple hands at a time.


This article answers the question “can you use a HUD on Ignition?” And the answer is “No”. But HUDs like DriveHUD can still be of great help by providing you with real-time statistics.