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Bovada US Poker, one of the best-rated online betting and online poker platforms, is live again after nearly a year of inactivity. Designed exclusively for the online poker players and online betters, the brand has seen many ups and downs, upgradations, and reforms over time. Started as an online betting brand in 2004, under the name of Bodog (now called PaiWangLuo Network), the brand was renamed to Bovada and in 2016, and moved under the famous Ignition website.

Bovada US Poker on the Bovada platform went under the hood for nearly a year due to a ban that was imposed on the brand for some irregularities. However, all is well with the brand now and Poker is back live again on the Bovada platform.

Bovada US Poker

Let’s look at what are some new additions/updates to the reignited online poker platform on Bovada.

Safe As Ever

Bovada has always been a trusted name for online betting and online gaming. The game never had any issues with the reliability and user experiences. Also, the brand never faced any lawsuits from any users for any sort breach. This makes Bovada US Poker one of the safest online platforms for playing poker.

Revised Bonuses on Bovada US Poker

The reintroduced version of Bovada offers 100% bonus for deposits of up to $500. This bonus is available for all the new players and any of those players who have never claimed the bonus on the PaiWangLuo platform.  It is worth mentioning here that the PaiWangLuo is one of the largest platforms for us betters and online poker players.

The VIP Room

The VIP room for Bovada US Poker is called the Red Room. As with every VIP membership, the red room members get special facilities while using the platforms for playing online poker. Some of the features include exclusive customer support, special offers and rewards, special assistance and discounts in deposits, weekly bonuses, and a few other perks.  You can visit the site to know about all the freebies that the red room members get.

Payments through Bitcoin

Payment through bitcoin is one of the hottest methods of payment here. Players and betters can pay through Bitcoin and get special rewards, bonuses, and discounts for paying through the cyptocurrency. The players can pay anything between the equivalents of $20 and $5000 through bitcoins. The transactions are super fast and secure and the amount reaches the user accounts in minutes.

Apart from payments through bitcoin, the players also have other payment options such as through debit and credit cards. The transaction fees vary between 5% to 7% for different types of cards.


One of the most interesting features of the Bovada platform is the anonymity. The platform just assigns a number to a participant and keeps the details of the player such as the name, track record, and other details hidden from the competitors. While this feature is useful for boosting players’ privacy, there is a little disadvantage associated with it too. Players can’t use HUDs to assist them in their playing decisions.

How Can DriveHud Help with Bovada US Poker?

As we just mentioned, the Bovada platform is an anonymous platform where you don’t get to see much about other players. But DriveHud has found a way to help you get better decisions! Read more about this here.