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drivehud university

The DriveHUD University Series are free poker training videos, covering an array of poker strategy topics. Advanced poker theory for today's poker games. Videos will cover specific hand reviews, and general poker theory using GTO explanations as well as exploitative strategy. New videos will be posted regularly, so check back often.

Betting into capped ranges on the turn
An example hand is used to explain what ranges of hands you should look to bet the turn with at either 1/3rd pot or at 150% of pot.
Which hand is the better 3-bet on the button? A2s, 98s, or 54s?
Is A2s, 98s, or 54s the higher EV 3-bet on the button versus a cutoff open raise? DooDoo post up a quiz on 2+2, that has some surprising results: ...
Open Button - BB Defense in SRP
Examining the EV in an open button versus Big blind defense scenario. Looking at which ranges hit what boards.
Finding profitable poker bluffs and hand reading
Two important points to help you improve your poker hand reading and make more profitable bluffs.
Over betting the River
BTN vs. BB Defense. This video covers how to make sure you're picking up some extra pots when your opponent has a hand, and you don't.
Mixed Polarized 3-bet Strategy
BTN vs. BB Mixed Polarized 3-bet Strategy
Deepstack squeeze from the BB | GTO hand review analysis
Deepstack squeeze from the BB | GTO hand review analysis
Examining a common open BTN vs. SB 3-bet pot with GTO Solver
Using poker GTO to examine a common open BTN vs. SB 3-bet pot.

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