Why you need to save your hands and tournament history

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  2. Why you need to save your hands and tournament history

Save hands & tournament history – come to success

Everyone who plays poker for a long time has faced black stripes, when your bank constantly becomes smaller, you lose the tournament and basic cash games. The reasons for your losses can be quite different, as well as the time spent on the black belt. If this is familiar – you should do an analysis of the history of the hands to understand what is your problem.

One of the most popular reasons for failure – Insufficient qualification

It’s not strange, but this reason is one of the main for regular players. Since they are constantly trying to raise rates, moving to higher levels, where they have to meet with numerous defeats. Choose a mode for yourself with a good reward and carefully look at your game, analyze what is happening and save each tournament. In order to save

Save pokerstars or 888 hand history is’t a problem anymore

Pokerstars does not save your hand history, that’s why you need to use different software. Using DriveHud you will always have such an opportunity and even more:
– browse ohama or texasholdem hands
– poker888, pokerstars or any popular sites tournament history
– analyze your records
– imrpove the style of your game
– discuss it on our subscriber blog or forum

Just play poker with the best poker hud, you can always go back and look at any types of games.

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