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Zohn 6-Max Power HUD


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Hi Guys! My name is Nick, I stream on https://www.twitch.tv/zohn and are a part of the ACR Stormers. Here are my settings for 6-Max cash tables.

You just want the the basic power stats on display for a quick overview and not some 50+ stats shenanigans. The Power in this HUD lays in the pop-ups where I also marked position vs position stats. The Basic stats are all marked with red, white and green.. Red for tight, passive and nitty. White for average and Green for crazy, fishy or over aggressive.

There are total 8 custom pop-ups and I have also have added Heat-Maps so you can track your villain hands. The pop-up in River AGG% will help you a lot facing Regs and river decisions!

Panel 1:

Player Profile / Name / Hands
3-Bet / Fold to 3-Bet / 4-Bet+
Flop CB SRP / Fold to C-Bet SRP / winrate

Panel 2:

Flopp AGG / WTSD
Turn AGG / W$SD
River AGG / WWSF


Game variants: No-limit Holdem
Table types: 6-max


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