How do I create a player alias?

Player aliases are used to combine user ID’s from multiple poker sites into one new player ID (player alias). You can do these easily by following the below steps:

Step 1 – Click on the CREATE ALIAS option from the player ID selection pull down.

create alias

Step 2 – From the Alias pop-up menu, click on CREATE NEW.

create new alias

Step 3 – Enter a new Player alias name into the ALIAS text box at the top of the alias window. Select the players you’d like to combine into this alias from the players list on the left by either scrolling or typing part of their name into the search text box. Once the player(s) name is located that you’d like to add, simply drag it into the Selected Players window or click the + key. You can also CTRL click to add multiple player names all at once. When you’re done selecting the players you’d like to add to your new alias, click on OK. A new Player ID will be created using the name you entered in the ALIAS text box at the top of the screen. Remember, to access your new player alias you’ve created, you must select from the player ID drop down at the top of any drivehud screen.

create player alias

To edit or delete an alias, from step 2, simple click on the trash icon to delete an existing player alias. To edit and add or remove names from an alias, click on the pencil icon from step 2.