How do I create a new HUD?

Creating a new HUD with DriveHUD is simple. The following tutorial will walk you through the process step by step.

  1. Click on the HUD tab at the top of DriveHUD.
  2. Select the game type you want to create a HUD for (ie, cash, holdem).
  3. Select a table layout from the drop down list (ie, Bovada 6-max).
  4. Select the HUD Screen from the drop down (ie, DriveHUD VERT). If you don’t want to use a DriveHUD HUD, then click on the USE PLAIN HUD button. This will allow you to setup the classic HUD feel and look.
  5. Next go down to the ALL STATS section towards the bottom middle of the screen.
  6. Click and expand any of the stat sections you’d like to potentially add to the HUD.
  7. Once a stat section is expanded, left click on any stat you’d like to add and drag and drop it into the selected stats section.
  8. If you want to create a new line of stats, click on the spacer button that is in between the ALL STATS and SELECTED STATS sections.
  9. To add a color range, or change the font size and type of the stats you’ve selected, click on the paint bucket icon just above the selected stats section.
  10. When you’re done, click on the save button at the top right hand side of your screen, and create a name for your HUD.