Free Poker HUD – Get Drivehud 2 Free

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  2. Free Poker HUD – Get Drivehud 2 Free

Get DriveHUD 2 for FREE!

How to get a FREE Pro version of DriveHUD 2 ($70 value):

  1. Create a 10+ minute video using DriveHUD 2 on Youtube, twitch, Vimeo, or a similar popular video streaming service. You can do a live playing session, video review, hand review, or database review using any part of DriveHUD 2.
  2. Use the words – Poker HUD, or Poker Tracking in your video title, and include Drivehud 2 somewhere also. EX: Poker HUD – Live 4 tabling w/ Drivehud 2.
  3. Include a link to the Drivehud website in your video description somewhere.
  4. If there are tags you can add, add poker hud, poker tracking, or drivehud as well in your tags.
  5. Fill out the form below and select the version you want. Once approved, a DriveHUD 2 serial will be sent to you.

This deal is not retroactive in any way. This is a new promo running for the month of May.