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    US players have no option for saving hand histories on WSOP and it’s affiliates. Being in one of the 3 states with regulated legal online poker I don’t have many options to play because the unregulated sites don’t accept players from those states. So the only HUD that works is HoldEm Indicator and it is literally just a HUD. Doesn’t offer all the great things DriveHUD does. Is there anyway for you guys to make it compatible with WSOP/Delaware Park/888nj?

    I am assuming HE Indicator uses a card catcher and reads the table for the cards and stacks, etc. So it definitely could be done, just hoping you guys would have the desire to do it.

    If not then is there an option B? HoldEm Indicator stores hands as a .db file. Is it possible to load this .db file in to DriveHUD?

    DH Support

    I completely hear you. We of course want to offer Drivehud on as many sites as possible. I thought they were not good with allowing HUDs on their site. Is that not correct?

    If they are, we will look into it, but it’s not something that just happens right away. Sites that don’t provide hand histories are A LOT of work to add so there needs to be traffic to justify the development time investment.


    Their T&C don’t say they ban HUD’s specifically. They do say the use of software making automated decisions (bots) are not allowed. It seems to be worded the same way as Betonline is. So I am assuming the rules are the same. WSOP/Delaware Park/888nj are the legal regulated online poker sites in the US. All 3 share the player pool from Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. It is a pretty high traffic site. They have a $100,000 guarantee MTT every Sunday so it. They all share the same 888 software just have different names on the users end depending on where they are playing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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