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    Dear DriveHud community,

    I use to play in winamax. Cash and GoFast, however, I am not able to make it work in this platform. to be clear the HUD is not shown in the tables. I read in somewhere, that Gofast is not compatible with the HUD, but I cannot make it work in any other kind of table, I mean cash, expressos, tournaments… However, the statistics of my game as well as the other players games are properly tracked.

    I also play in Pokerstars, and it works fine there, but I really like to make it work in winamax.

    I tried the configuration of the web documentation, but it did not work in my case, or I commit a mistake … sorry about that

    Other info, but I do not think it matters, I play in .ES

    I will really appreciate your help

    Thanks in advance


    Same here, play cash and mtt and on new winamax platform drivehud hud not work anymore. Thanks


    Our developers are working on a patch, please wait for our update.


    any ETA on hud?


    Its on our developers list but there is no ETA at the moment.


    Same here! Are there any news on this issue? Besides PStars, Winamax is the only other site I play in, but it’s kind of disappointing that the HUD does not work here (and I do not understand why, because it tracks hands on the fly and withouts issues).

    At the moment I am trying different trackers, and I have to admit that DH2 is by far the most appealing to me, bc of the combination of features, price, and GUI. If the HUD woerked in Winamax the same it works on Stars, I am definitely going for HD2 over the others.


    I really hope that GoFast would be supported aswell. Already renewed my license just to find out that it doesn’t even work for winamax where i would like to play.


    Sorry, no ETA yet. please wait for our update.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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