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    Im trying to interpret some stats here.  I have a 4500 hand sample size on a player – he’s 27/14 with 57/67/86 cbet/double barrel/triple barrel stats respectively, so that seems pretty aggro.  However his AF/agg%/true agg% are 1.5/25/19.  Anyone understand how this makes any sense?


    I’d need to see the player’s database in full to say for sure, but I would assume that they play really passive when they cold call preflop. Their VPIP-PFR gap is pretty wide, which means they’re cold calling a good amount preflop. Their raise percentage as a cold caller is probably pretty low. They might also call a good amount when they’re bet into or raised postflop. 57% Flop CBet is also not incredibly high. That’s pretty average. Then they’re only double barreling 2/3 of the time they CBet the Flop and Triple Barreling 86% of that 2/3s. I assume that the Turn and River stats are not very substantial samples given the total sample from this player is 4500, so probably best not to put much significance behind them, especially the River stats.

    DH Support

    Pretty much what MCA said, and this isn’t super uncommon at micro and small stakes. It’s very easy to exploit as you can see. Your opponent is playing passive when they aren’t the pre-flop aggressor, a somewhat overly aggressive when they are.


    Makes sense thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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