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    I’ve been having issues for the past year with this software, to the point I gave up trying and stopped using it. I’ve decided to brush the dust off my problems and reach out through the forum for some support.

    The problems began to occur when I was no longer able to update to the latest version through the software and kept encountering errors when downloading and applying the new client. Figuring I’d uninstall and then reinstall to fix the issue, that is when things became even worse. I could no longer install the software, as it claimed that the product was still installed on my system.

    In an attempt to remedy my situation, I used uninstaller, registry editor, and system cleaner software to scrub DriveHUD from my computer but nothing officially removes it. I now receive the following error when attempting to install the latest client:

    “1714 – The older version of DriveHUD 2 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.”

    Where do we go from here? Thanks.


    Please try these steps:

    1. Use a 3rd party uninstaller like Revo uninstaller to remove DriveHUD2 from your system.

    2. Temporarily disable your virus scanner/firewall, then reinstall DH2 using a new installer.

    3. After getting DH2 running, add it to your virus scanner/firewall extension.

    If you are still having this issue, please send us a message through our support page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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