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    Using v2.01.6797, I created a new rule with default values and Turn Call as the only filter.  Below is an Ignition Hand History.  See also https://drivehud.com/forums/topic/turn-call-does-not-work-with-779wp-river-check-does-not-work-with-777/.

    With Any Hand Value selected, there is a note created for P5.

    With every Hand Value manually selected, there is no note.

    <session sessioncode=”3540079″>
    <gametype>Holdem NL $0.02/$0.05</gametype>
    <startdate>2022-04-17 14:24:07</startdate>
    <game gamecode=”4272208675″>
    <startdate>2022-04-17 14:24:07</startdate>
    <player seat=”1″ name=”Hero” chips=”2.5″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0.05″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”2″ name=”P4_201986LF” chips=”4.38″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”3″ name=”P5_897921IH” chips=”4.12″ dealer=”0″ win=”2.47″ bet=”0.84″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”4″ name=”P6_315893QW” chips=”5.57″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0.84″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”5″ name=”P1_608119ES” chips=”9.44″ dealer=”1″ win=”0″ bet=”0.84″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”6″ name=”P2_901077XN” chips=”5.59″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0.02″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <round no=”0″>
    <action no=”1″ player=”P2_901077XN” type=”1″ sum=”0.02″ cards=”[cards]” />
    <action no=”2″ player=”Hero” type=”2″ sum=”0.05″ cards=”[cards]” />
    <round no=”1″>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P1_608119ES”>X X</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P2_901077XN”>X X</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”Hero”>C9 S10</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P4_201986LF”>X X</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P5_897921IH”>S5 S9</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P6_315893QW”>X X</cards>
    <action no=”3″ player=”P4_201986LF” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”4″ player=”P5_897921IH” type=”3″ sum=”0.05″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”5″ player=”P6_315893QW” type=”23″ sum=”0.25″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”6″ player=”P1_608119ES” type=”3″ sum=”0.25″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”7″ player=”P2_901077XN” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”8″ player=”Hero” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”9″ player=”P5_897921IH” type=”3″ sum=”0.2″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”2″>
    <cards type=”Flop” player=””>D6 C5 D2</cards>
    <action no=”10″ player=”P5_897921IH” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”11″ player=”P6_315893QW” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”12″ player=”P1_608119ES” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”3″>
    <cards type=”Turn” player=””>CA</cards>
    <action no=”13″ player=”P5_897921IH” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”14″ player=”P6_315893QW” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”15″ player=”P1_608119ES” type=”5″ sum=”0.59″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”16″ player=”P5_897921IH” type=”3″ sum=”0.59″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”17″ player=”P6_315893QW” type=”3″ sum=”0.59″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”4″>
    <cards type=”River” player=””>H9</cards>
    <action no=”18″ player=”P5_897921IH” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”19″ player=”P6_315893QW” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”20″ player=”P1_608119ES” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />

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