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    I looked in DriveHud 1 as well as the beta for Drivehud 2, and I don’t see ChipEV or multipliers for Spin and GOs.  I also looked through a few pages in this sub-forum, and I haven’t see a thread requesting this.

    I was looking to see if this could be added, as ChipEv is the most important Spin & Go metric.  Seeing your overall ChipEV, as well as ChipEV by position would be great if it would be possible to be added.

    To elaborate from what I’ve read on how ChipEV is calculated:

    ChipEV = All-In Adjusted Chips/Number of Tournaments

    We can also get EVROI from ChipEV, which is the best predictor of how much we win per Spin & Go, using the following calculation:

    EVROI = [(ChipEV/500)+1] * (1-rake) – 1

    The multiplier stat, is simply another column for tournaments.  Spin and Gos will be 2x, 4x, 6x, etc. of the Spin and Go entry fee.  Being able to see this attribute of the tournaments is useful.

    It sounded like other poker trackers didn’t have ChipEV and these other stats as well for a while when Spin and Gos first came out, however other trackers have added them.

    Other thoughts: It appears possible to go to the tournament tab, set a date range and review the red Allin EV All In and hover over the dot for the end of the week.  Then, export tournaments into a CSV and count the number of tournaments for that period.  However, this would be a bit of a process, and also we still wouldn’t be able to review ChipEV by position.

    Let me know if this feature has been requested yet, and if it could be added in the future, thanks!

    DH Support

    Thanks for your feedback and request. These are already on the development list. The team is working hard to get as many features in as possible. ChipEV is high on that list.


    Thanks for letting me know!  So when you say they are trying to get in as many features as possible, do you mean into DriveHud 2?  That sounds great.


    Yeah I can wait, because it looks like I can calculate ChipEV with the info in DriveHud that is available.  I think I can even first filter by position and if it’s 2 or 3 handed in the “Create filter” page, to then calculate ChipEV by position I think.


    Do you have an estimate, as I’m just curious, even if it’s just a guess; Would is it possible to get in by the end of this year or closer to the middle of next year?  Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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