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    i realy like your software especially the support for Spartan Poker. But i have a problem with the stats always restarting after a table session. I would like to see the Stats of players i have been playing now continious times. It always gets reset to Total Hands of 0. I have played these player so many times now so i should have a good nr of stats of them…is there anyway to get a all hand history of all players i am playing. Also some details on setting up Spartan poker with DriveHud would be good especially on the Hand history issue i have.

    Also my own history gets reset every time…and i mostly play tournaments…


    DH Support

    Any hand you play on there against another player, their data is tracked and when you see them again it will load and show the data. I play on the same network (different site daily) and have tens of thousands of hands on opponents. Are you sure you already played against them, and your HUD is aligned correctly? The spartan poker is part of the BOL network, so there’s tutorials on here about it already.

    As far as your HUD stats in tournaments, you can view your stats in the tournament tab. Your HUD by default resets to zero for you, because you already know how you play, and you can always click on DH to see your stats.


    Hi Team, I am also facing the same issue mentioned here. In Spartan poker the stats of players I have already played against get reset to zero whenever a new table is opened. Can you please advise how to rectify this.


    If you are sure that you played with that player before, I suggest sending your log to support via DH support icon so they can check this for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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