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    New to using HUDS for poker, enjoying the information but need some answers to get the most out of it;

    -Is there a way to see the HUD for a player outside of a game? I have the dashboard stats but that doesn’t have all the information like player type

    -How come some players show total stats but others(especially myself) only have current session(I do have history with them, obviously 100% history with myself)?

    -Live play screen isn’t showing me active fish and whales, even though I’m playing at a table with players the game tags as fish and whales

    -Opening Player X-Ray outside of game doesn’t seem to have any use at all. No matter who I pull up I don’t see the notes that show up in game, just a list of every possible note.

    -Any advice for optimizing PC performance while multitabling? I know I need a better PC, I was able to run multiple tables without a HUD, or single table with it, but if I have even 2 tables going with a HUD the game gets unresponsive(and always preflop with QQ+, lag fold).

    DH Support

    Glad you’re enjoying it.

    1) You can see HUD data on other players in the replayer. You can see just stats on opponents in the opponent tab, or you can switch to that player (change the player ID up top) to view their entire data set.

    2) Everybody shows total stats except for the hero. You can view your total stats anytime from the dashboard.

    3) What site are you playing on?

    I can’t give too much optimization advice without knowing your system specs, but basics are to reboot and just run necessary programs only. Drivehud is built to multi-table 20+ tables. Depending on the poker site you’re on, some are more resource intensive than others, obviously. But if you’re having an issue w/ more than one table, it definitely sounds like a system upgrade is in order. 🙂 We can give some recommendations if you’d like.


    Thanks for the answers, I play Betonline and I use a 10+ year old basic desktop so an upgrade, any upgrade, is definitely in order.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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