running DriveHUD and PT4 at same time?

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    Can I do this? I switched from HM2 over to DriveHUD about a year ago. I managed with YOUR help to import my hands into DriveHUD, I am happy with DriveHUD and X-Ray notes. I happened to win a PT4 license from a Twitch streamer giveaway.  I am wondering if I can have both running?? I set-up the PT4 and I just opened ACR and played 2 $1.00 MTTs and 2 freeroll MTTs. I used the PT4 HUD, just to play around with it. I actually won 1 of the tourneys. After the session finished I checked, the hands were imported into PT4 but not into Drive-HUD, I immediately turned off the PT4 and started another tourney and used the HUD from DriveHUD, this time it showed up in my driveHUD tournament list??


    The 2nd part of the question is, PT4 works on intertops (revolution ) but not BOL and Sportsbetting, I know Ignition too, but I do not play there often. I would like to run PT4 for the times I play on Intertops, and I guess to use PT4 on BOL , I have to renew my cardcatcher license.

    I guess I wish that I could keep both running at all time and switch , when I am on certain sights ?? It’s not going to happen is it?? I know you guys have “geniuses” over there behind the curtain.

    DH Support

    You can run them at the same time. The reason it’s not importing in Drivehud is because Pt is arching them as soon as they are downloaded from the site. I think if you turn auto archive off for Pt then it should be fine. This is in their site settings. I’m not 100% sure on this, just theorizing.

    And yes, if you’re going to play on BOL w/ Pt then the card catcher license needs to be renewed.

    We’re going to be adding a lot more site support on Drivehud just fyi. We’re putting out a new HUD store here soon, and then after that we’ll have more sites and intertops is high on the list. Just so you can plan accordingly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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