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    What order are the hands displayed in at the bottom of the re-player which shows pot size?  What order do the hands replay in when you click the >| button?


    I have filtered for “tagged hands” within a custom date range and sorted by oldest timestamp.  Hands are replaying in a random order when I click the >| button, and also they are also out of order on the bottom display which shows pot size. Im trying to view them in order from start of my session to end of my session.


    Additionally is there a way to change what the colors represent on the bottom where pot size is displayed?  IE red = lost pot; Green = win pot.  Right now it seems like they represent the pot size?

    DH Support

    They are sorted by date order at the bottom. The colors are based on the size. Green smallest to red largest.


    am i missing something here?  thats not how they are displaying on my drivehud



    My guess is that you have BB limit (lower right part of the replayer)  set in your replayer. try turning it to zero and it should align in order.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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