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    I created two new notes, one with Turn Bet and the other with River Raise. In both cases:
    If Any Hand Value is selected a note is made for P4.
    If all Hand Values are manually selected, there is no note taken.

    <session sessioncode=”131938″>
    <gametype>Holdem NL $0.02/$0.05</gametype>
    <startdate>2022-05-19 15:14:08</startdate>
    <game gamecode=”4287453750″>
    <startdate>2022-05-19 15:38:17</startdate>
    <player seat=”1″ name=”Hero” chips=”2.66″ dealer=”1″ win=”0″ bet=”0″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”2″ name=”P2_250737TN” chips=”2.53″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0.02″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”3″ name=”P3_453169BR” chips=”4.9″ dealer=”0″ win=”2.38″ bet=”1.24″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”4″ name=”P4_506281JI” chips=”7.07″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”1.24″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”5″ name=”P5_235047CG” chips=”5″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <player seat=”6″ name=”P6_523012KM” chips=”8.59″ dealer=”0″ win=”0″ bet=”0″ rebuy=”0″ addon=”0″ />
    <round no=”0″>
    <action no=”1″ player=”P2_250737TN” type=”1″ sum=”0.02″ cards=”[cards]” />
    <action no=”2″ player=”P3_453169BR” type=”2″ sum=”0.05″ cards=”[cards]” />
    <round no=”1″>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”Hero”>D10 C6</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P2_250737TN”>X X</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P3_453169BR”>SK CQ</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P4_506281JI”>C5 H4</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P5_235047CG”>X X</cards>
    <cards type=”Pocket” player=”P6_523012KM”>X X</cards>
    <action no=”3″ player=”P4_506281JI” type=”3″ sum=”0.05″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”4″ player=”P5_235047CG” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”5″ player=”P6_523012KM” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”6″ player=”Hero” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”7″ player=”P2_250737TN” type=”0″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”8″ player=”P3_453169BR” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”2″>
    <cards type=”Flop” player=””>CA DJ S2</cards>
    <action no=”9″ player=”P3_453169BR” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”10″ player=”P4_506281JI” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”3″>
    <cards type=”Turn” player=””>H10</cards>
    <action no=”11″ player=”P3_453169BR” type=”4″ sum=”0″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”12″ player=”P4_506281JI” type=”5″ sum=”0.1″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”13″ player=”P3_453169BR” type=”23″ sum=”0.3″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”14″ player=”P4_506281JI” type=”3″ sum=”0.2″ cards=”” />
    <round no=”4″>
    <cards type=”River” player=””>C10</cards>
    <action no=”15″ player=”P3_453169BR” type=”5″ sum=”0.15″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”16″ player=”P4_506281JI” type=”23″ sum=”0.89″ cards=”” />
    <action no=”17″ player=”P3_453169BR” type=”3″ sum=”0.74″ cards=”” />


    See also posts #114108 and #84080.


    Sorry for the delayed response. Our developers are already checking this as well as your post in feature and feedback page.  Thank you for letting us know of this issues, we really appreciate it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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