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    Few days ago i bought my dh2 licensy (pro comblo nlh +plo, all stakes dh2+ahc) . i watched basicly all tutorials to run it on poker bros with LDPlayer and Nox. As i saw thle only thing i should change is enable root permission. In LDP all my emulators are frozen after opening it with DH2. When i creat new one its open for one time only and enother time is frozen like on pic under this massage . in nox is the same. Today morning i try ale procedures again and with new emulator bros opened (dh2 also) but without statystics. Next opening of this emu frozened it. Yesterday i sand email descript this situation but still dont get help. In LDP i try to use open local connection and close conection. I want to use Nox in future so thats the priority for me.

    Thx for answer and help.


    Sorry for the delay, I believe we already replied to your email to support but just in case here’s some things you need to make sure for LD/NOX works with DH2.

    Make sure to open DH2 first before your emulator. When you open an emulator, the integrated AHC should automatically pop-up and patch it, wait for it to say ready before opening the poker app.

    As for LDplayer, make sure root is enabled and to use open connection.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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