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    I tried to play 2 tournaments at once and the first table loaded quickly but it took 13 hands (on the first table) for the second table to start working.

    Every time we changed tables the HUD would not update.  I could fix it by stopping and starting the HUD but a few times it took minutes for the HUD to start working again if it starts working at all, I had to restart the program to get it to work in one instance.

    I could not find where HH is stored in the settings… I’ll look again tho.

    I love the program and I might buy a license.  I’m going to play tomorrow and give you more feedback afterwards.  Please let me know if you are aware of my issues and if there’s any way I can fix them.  Thanks!


    DH Support

    Thanks for your feedback. If you’re playing on Chico network or Ignition/Bodog, please be aware that these sites to generate hand histories like most poker sites. Drivehud is creating those in real time, but in order for it to work as best as it can, DriveHUD needs to be loaded before you open a tournament table. We’re going to add some extra wording about this. DriveHUD will work if you load it after a tournament is loaded, but the reliability of it grabbing MTT data when you’re moved is not 100% certain. As long as you load DH before the start of the tourney table load though, this should not be an issue.

    If you’re playing on Ignition, they are having a lot of unseen disconnect issues as of this past week or so now. It will DC the table, and this can cause the HUD to disappear. We’re working on some work arounds for this, as it’s a new issue, and hopefully something Ignition will correct on it’s own. But it is something we’re looking at. Keep in mind this should only happen with MTT’s. Cash games, and S&G’s should not be an issue.



    Wow thanks for getting back to me so fast!  I am playing on BetOnline and I did load DriveHUD before I loaded the game as I had read something about that.

    I have been Multi-tabling all morning and am having the same problem except I have not had to restart the HUD, if you are patient it seems to correct itself after a time

    I also can’t edit the tournament winnings.  It isn’t recording my wins and I saw something that said I could enter it manually for now but I can’t figure out how.

    DH Support

    We are working on some work arounds to capture more MTT results. Betonline does not provide this information, so it’s isn’t very straight forward. Sometimes it does quite quickly, sometimes it does not. We will improve this in future updates.

    For now if you click on the Tournament report in the Tournaments tab of drivehud, just right click on the tournament you wish to edit and click edit tournament.


    Seems I spoke too soon, after about 15-20 minutes it DID correct itself like the earlier post said. I apologize and retract previous statement.  Please delete previous post.  Thank you.  I can’t lol.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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