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    Hi I recently purchased drivehud and its great, but the last couple of mtts I’ve played I’m having issues with a few things.

    First, not all players are being assigned huds. For example in a 9 ring game only 7 players will have huds assigned to them.

    Secondly, not all stats are updating, some players will have incomplete stats, like cbet% will show, but agg% will not? Some players will have all stats working, some will have no stats updating.

    And finally, not all hand histories are saving. I played a $3 mtt yesterday, finished in the money but my tournament winnings did not update, and there was no hand history when I tried to review post game.

    Please help, the stat’s not displaying correctly is a real pain =(

    Thanks in advance


    Hey Zeddy,

    It may help them narrow down the issue if you provide some details like what site you play on and what version of DriveHUD you are using.

    Did you send a message to support with your logs from within DriveHUD? It may help if they see your logs.

    Kind Regards



    I’ve sent a message with attached logs, but nothing yet. I’m playing on Ignition on version




    DH Support

    Well, all messages are always answered. Maybe PM me with your email so I can look up your ticket. Sometime people send messages to sales – even though it comes back and tells them this is not a monitored email address, and they think they are contacting support.

    As far as Drivehud with ignition, you just need to make sure that Drivehud is loaded up first. Maybe you’re having some disconnect issues. If we can see your log we’d be able to determine that and see what’s going on specifically.


    Hey Zeddy, go ahead and update your DH to the 2625 version.  See if that helps any of your problems.



    Nevermind!!! scratch that, just saw where the new update was put up two days ago….lol sorry


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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