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    Hand History driven straight to this forum by DriveHUD –

    NL Holdem $-4000(BB)
    HJ ($118048)
    CO ($17443)
    BTN ($42556)
    SB ($157643)
    HERO ($65394)
    UTG ($44903)
    EP ($80168)
    MP ($63531)
    MP ($121695)

    Dealt to Hero Td Tc

    CO $17043 (allin) (Rem. Stack: 0), BTN Folds, SB Folds, HERO $64994 (allin) (Rem. Stack: 0), UTG Folds, EP Folds, MP Folds, MP Folds, HJ Folds

    Flop ($91637) Ad Kc Jh

    Turn ($91637) Ad Kc Jh Kh

    River ($91637) Ad Kc Jh Kh Jc

    CO shows Ac 7c

    HERO wins $47951
    CO wins $43686

    this hand is all wrong? doesnt make any sense at all …..UTG shoved A7cc and i shoved the tens….no one else called and i lost the hand? but this HH doesnt make sense?



    that is a link to how that hand actually played out i dont know if that helps any with the HH issue

    DH Support

    Ok, thanks. We’ll check into this. We’ve seen this happen w/ MTT’s before for some reason. I assume it shows ok in the replayer, it’s just the hand export correct?


    yes in the replay it is fine its just trying to export as text it is all wrong

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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