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    I would like to create a filter for this situation.


    I raise and get a caller out of position.

    I can put in my hand range

    I can put in my position

    I assume “PFR” means I raised

    but I can’t find how to specify the caller limp-called or called from the BB in a heads up pot.

    DH Support

    So a couple of ways you can do it, either w/ a custom filter, or using the manual filter clicks.

    Obviously in the filter pop-up, select PFR, scroll down to where you see the table on the left and select your opponent’s position.

    For hand range, click the hole cards tab and select your hands.

    You can also scroll below that and only select, pre-flop action facing hero – limp.

    And then to ensure it’s SRP, click the 3-bet option twice, so it’s red. Green = yes, red = no.

    To make sure it’s only heads up, also on the same page select players between 2 and 2.


    OMGG – I didn’t see I could drop down and select opponent’s position. Silly me.


    Wait a second. The opponent position buttons don’t work.

    If I leave them all red all the hands show.

    If I just flag one green NONE show. If I flag all green NONE show.

    It even says Opponent Position = BB, SB, UTG……


    Strange. try clearing your filter and set a filter for opponent position(green)  only then apply. If the HH shows in your dashboard, you can then add a new filter one by one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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