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    I am trying to create two custom filters for hand reviews and I’m not quite seeing how to do this.

    1st filter is Blind vs Blind from either position

    2nd is Villain min3bets.  Can you provide any pointers?  Thanks!

    DH Support

    Sorry, I missed this. I’ll make them for you tomorrow and walk you through how to do it.

    DH Support

    So I have two of the blind filters created, and I’ll explain them below. We don’t have bet sizing filters yet, so we can’t do the min 3-bet, but we will have these here soon. They are on the list.

    Hero is in BB filter

    Hero is in SB filter

    Just download them and then click on the filter drop down, create filter, and then load filter to load them.

    Easiest way to build them is just go to the filter creator, click on the table position you want to filter for (bb in this case), and do it for both 6-max and full ring. We’re going to include a both button here soon. And then pre-flop action facing hero needs to be unopened. That’s basically it, unless you just want it for a specific table type, then just add in the number of players at the top from 2 to X.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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